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Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular every day, and for a good reason: With advances in application techniques, getting fuller longer eyelashes is easier and more affordable than ever. When getting your eyelashes done, it's important to go to an expert to ensure that the procedure is done correctly and your lashes will grow back evenly. At Botanica Lash N Spa, we specialize in and frequently perform eyelash extensions, so you can rest assured that yours will be done by a highly-experienced professional.

Natural Full Set 100 Lashes max (50 each eye) 1hr1/4    
Reguler Full Set 140 Lashes max (70 each eye) 1hr1/2    
Gorgeous Full Set 200 Lashes max (100 each eye) 2hrs1/2    
Refill 2 weeks 45 mim.    
Refill 3 weeks 60 min.    


At Botanica Lash N Skincare, we understand how important it is for you to look your best. That's why we encourage you to treat yourself to a facial. Not only will your facial help improve your skin's appearance, but it will also give you an opportunity to take a break from the usual daily grind and indulge in some much-needed pampering.

Breathe new life into your skin. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment for a facial.

Basic Facial  
The pacified basic facial will not just revitalize your skin, but will also provide you with a pure mind. And our anti-aging mask will moisturize your skin to prevent dryness and wrinkles. About 30 Min.
Enzyme Peel Facial  
The pineapple enzyme facial is a relaxing facial using pineapple enzyme to exfoliate skin and increase its natural turnover process. This facial treatment can help improve skin tone, soften fine lines, wrinkles and scarring, and diminish discolorations. About 75 Min.
ClayMask Facial  
This facial is an extremely calming treatment and is beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. A Clay mask designed to absorb excess oil and pull toxins from the skin, while replenishing vital nutrients. Our base mask features a pure but potent formula enriched with natural hydrators and exfoliators that leave the skin feeling soft and supple. About 60 Min.